I've written some long and drunken thank you notes to men I knew for fifteen minutes: thanks for the dinner, the sex, and the punch in the heart. But now never call again — never think of me again.

Rolling in Rivers

Somebody told me that when you lie in the jaw of crocodile, you won't be alive long enough to hear the snap and thrash of gnashers and teeth.

The Divine Feminine

It's peculiar in a thousand prismed ways: I'm a barker and a biter; a scrapper and a fighter. I smoke too many cigarettes and sometimes have the heaviest whisky breath in a bar.

Something From India

They filled my head with Delhi Belly and bottled water and mosquitos the size of hummingbirds. Funnily enough, beyond the urban myths (and, most importantly, beyond myself) I found something else on the subcontinent.