i. Principles

Principles is a series on the art of travel, and the golden nuggets of wisdom one can pick up in different places. The art of travel is rooted in the possibility of encountering "a new shade of blue" and bringing that colour home with you.

1. Something From India: focuses on recalibrating one's perception of chaos, and within it, finding blindingly beautiful order. 




Referenced Texts, Films, and Stuff

Here is a somewhat exhaustive list of the various art works, books, and texts brought up in posts. I have an affinity for connecting lite-philosophy with popular culture, so I hope the references help you find new ideas and inspiring resources.


- Mullholland Drive (2001) — Directed by David Lynch


- The Art of Travel  (2008) — Written by Alain De Botton
- 24 Hour Mindfullness (2015) — Written by Rohan Gunatillake


- Hume's First Principle, His Missing Shade, and His Distinctions of Reason (1996) — Written by Karann Durland


Through the Wings of Essence — by Marian Kraus 


Buddhify 2  (2014)  — Written by Lifehacker